New Talavan is a 1200-acre, spiritual and organic farming community in southern Mississippi near the Gulf Coast. We recently were hit by Hurricane Katrina, and this is our story. Text, photos and video links.

Monday, September 05, 2005

I will never be the same

Dear devotees,

I am amazed at the events of the past few days.

First: The Lord is so wonderful in his arrangements. We all, thru the grace of Dasanudas Prabhu, are able to communicate with each other with the group though we have literally been flung into the wind. Being separated by hundreds of miles and state lines and we are all still a community. SriSri Radha-RadhaKanta will pull us all back together again, of this I am sure.

Second: As Mata Sri mentioned their Lordships at Sankirtan Dham have rescued themselves, what else can explain the way the Dallas Devotees got thru all the military and police blockades to rescue the stricken devotees and the Dieties and bring them to Dallas. The devotees in Houston were talking about this today, it is truly one of the Lords Pastimes.

I am in Houston where the Devotees at the Houston Temple (it is a beautiful temple!) are pouring thier hearts out to us. I received so many wonderful blessings from them (plus the ecstatic Prasad). I have a nice place to stay near Rice University provided by my Brother, And I am OK.

I met a devotee here in Houston who expressed concern about Ajamila Prabhu. Does anyone know where he and his wife are? This Devotee is Sarvabauma Das and he can be contacted at if anyone knows about Ajamila or is in touch with him please send Sarvabhauma an email.

I can't get in touch with Kapardini, she is in Alachua and very concerned about Kirtada and the children. I talked to her this morning when she called me here. I feel bad for her, I wish there was something I could do to help but I don't know what happened to Kirtada. If anyone is in contact with her tell her not to try to go back to Picayune yet looking for her daughter because the situation there is still bad. I have emailed her but got no response and can't call her. She should try the Red Cross or try contacting FEMA or the MS State Police to try to locate Kirtada. I have described to her the location she was at in Ozona, but there is no address available.
I am so glad to hear that so many of us are safe and sound. I was asked about Jogendra Prabhu also, Is he still at the farm? I know Dasanudas is (right?).

I have really been shaken to the core by this storm. I came very close to being killed by my own foolishness. I was in the carport, huddling between my car and the wall, when a tornado struck my neighbors house, tearing off his roof and throwing it towards me. The roof crashed in the field about 100 ft from me while the twister screamed past my house ripping up all the trees, It passed within about 30 ft from me (I was somewhat protected being in the carport). If I had been exposed to the wind I would not be here, if it had been 30 ft to the west I would have been "gone with the wind". I have never been so scared in my life, I was shaking very badly after that as I hunkered down in the center of my house on the floor, crying out "hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama hare hare" convinced I was about to die. That was the eyewall that passed over. Then all of a sudden it all stopped and the eye passed over us. I felt The Lord had spared my useless life and I crawled out to see the devastation.

I will never be the same.

Talavan das


  • At 10:10 AM, Blogger New Talavan said…

    I am still at the farm and not going anywhere. It was Krsna's perfect arrangement to give us this satellite Internet connection just a couple of weeks before the storm. Without it we would have been completely cut off from the rest of the devotees. Just see how Krsna protects His devotees, and simulataneously gives them a chance to serve. -- Dasanudas

  • At 3:13 PM, Blogger mohanasini said…

    I am amazed and so happy to see that you are already and in such difficult situation distributing prasadam. Pita is still on the boat in the back bay...exit 38...go South over the bridge take a left at the first chance then drive up by the bay to the end. That's where Pita is on the Jai Nimai Nitai. I haven't seen him for a week and plan to go back down there tomorrow after I get some Red Cross vouchers here in Memphis in the morning. Is the picture of the devotees still at New Talavan presently? I miss you all so much...and I am so proud of all of you!!!!Love, Your servant Mohanasini dasi

  • At 12:22 PM, Blogger Nathan Cook said…

    thank you Krishna for saving the the Deities and Devotees of New Talavan. I have read the posts and seen the pics/video and am moved deeply by this unfolding lila of Lord Krsna and his amazing Devotees.

    All Glories to Srlial Prabhupada!

    bhakta nathan


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