New Talavan is a 1200-acre, spiritual and organic farming community in southern Mississippi near the Gulf Coast. We recently were hit by Hurricane Katrina, and this is our story. Text, photos and video links.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Message from Japan

Dvija Hari Prabhu's House at New Talavan

Hello devotees in New Talavan,

My name is Kazz Okamoto, writing from Japan. I am Mayumi's younger brother. Mayumi left her body in April while living in your community.

I visited Mississippi with my brother & sister-in-law, their grandson, and my niece, to bring some of her ashes back to Japan. You devotees of Hare Krishna were all very nice to us. Talking to us, telling us about our sister Mayumi, showing sympathy to us and feeding us with very delicious Hare Krishna meals, which Mayumi and Jim used to cook while they were in Japan. Thank you very much for the kindness you extended to us.

It breaks my heart to watch on CNN the scenes of the devastation that Katrina left in the Gulf states in the USA, especially in New Orleans. It's beyond belief that one hurricane could cause such devastation.

I was also worried about your temple in Carriere while the hurricane was moving up north.

I called Mr. Murata, the head monk of the Tokyo Temple of Hare Krishna, for information about the temple and the community. And he forwarded the message that you had posted on your web site. I got access to the site, and to my great relief, I learned that your temple and community survived the attack pretty much unscathed except for damage to some buildings.

With the community cut off from the surrounding areas, and the food and other stuff running low, I know it will be a great challenge to just survive. I pray with you for things to get back to normal as quick as possible.

Hare Krishna,
Kazz Okamoto


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